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A leisure park to share with many activities for all!

The largest leisure park in the Vendée welcomes you from April to September in the heart of the forest.

Tree Climbing for the whole family

The biggest adventure park in France offers you to discover the accrobranche zone through numerous courses in the trees.
The accrobranche activity is accessible from 2 years old and allows you to progress at your own pace among the different colored courses, supervised by qualified instructors.


We have aa non-releasable “Clic-It” system which guarantees you 100% pleasure! For children under 5 years old, the “continuous line” system guarantees maximum safety. A briefing on safety rules is given before each departure.
Come with your family or friends and enjoy your day in complete safety in our accrobranche park near Les Sables d’Olonne in the Vendée.

Equipment provided except for gloves (mandatory) which can be purchased at the store for 2 euros (you can bring your own pair of gloves if you wish).

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From 2 years old

Courses designed for the youngest to discover the tree climbing in complete safety.

Start with the Koala and Teddy Bear courses and learn our continuous line system, which will reassure the youngest adventurers.

Then move on to the next stage with the Little Panda course, for more variety before finishing with the highest of the “Bout’Chou” courses, the Giraffe course.

A choice of adapted and planned courses so that parents can accompany their children throughout the course.


From 5 years old

Ideal for the youngest, the purple courses will allow you to practice serenely the activity.

With heights voluntarily limited to 2 meters, the Ouistiti and Hiboux tree climbing courses will give you the opportunity to progress from tree to tree by crossing the different workshops.

Take a little more height (3 meters) on our courses Lutins and Squirrels, in order to discover new workshops such as the Nepalese footbridge, the net to cross, the jump of rope… Attention, the course Squirrels is the most difficult of the purple courses.

Test your agility, your balance and your daring on courses adapted to your level.


From 11 years old

The routes are designed to help you discover the different workshops while gaining a little altitude.

The Exploration course will allow you to gain confidence on a course similar to the Squirrel course but with a little more height (4 meters).
The Evolution course requires more balance than the previous ones. Located at a height of 8 meters, this course is ideal to evaluate your level of practice of accrobranche and thus to know your limits.

If you feel you are capable of progressing in difficulty, the Horizon course located at 12 meters from the ground will be done without too much physical effort thanks to its sequence of ascending and descending zip lines. A relatively playful and relaxing course before facing other difficulties.

You are now able to test the most difficult green course. Indeed, the Evasion course located at 16 meters, is an important step to know if you are able to evolve on the red courses to come. Be prepared to throw yourself into a net with a trapeze, to cross spider webs, and to progress on off-center swings…

From 11 years old

Same starting point for Agility and Balance tree climbing course, only 12 meters high, you are now at the heart of the adventure. These two courses combine technique and physical abilities will give you the opportunity to evaluate your level.

Located at a height of 16 meters and lasting an average of 1 hour, the Sensation course is a favorite of regulars. It requires strength in the arms to climb a large net and courage to launch yourself with the help of a rope into a net.

The Vertigo course is a mandatory step before tackling the black courses. A very sporty itinerary that requires physical strength and a good mental attitude to overcome the various difficulties (Tarzan jump, double zip line, balance log …)

The Maxi Tyrolienne Course is for thrill seekers, let yourself slide on more than 2 km in the forest and enjoy the speed peaks giving you the impression of flying. A smooth start and finish are planned to discover this activity without any risk. Different stages will allow you to zip-line through the trees and over the pond.

From 11 years old

Beginners please do not, the Champions course gathers all the thrills you were looking for by equipping yourself with a harness. Strength, technique, agility and balance will be at the rendezvous on this course, located at an average height of 16 meters, for an average completion time of about 1h30.

The Adrenaline course located at a height of 19 meters, is probably the least complicated of the black courses, but is nevertheless formidable for those who are not vigilant. Its layout hides its game well and requires a very good technical knowledge of the activity and self-control.

The Bucheron course is undoubtedly the most difficult of the park because all the progression is made with the force of the arms. Despite the large number of participants, only a few managed to complete the various workshops without giving up(10% success rate). Imagine yourself reaching under a ladder with twenty rungs or trying to climb a staircase that pivots on its axis.

Tree climbing activities for all

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All you need to know about tree climbing: A fun and adrenaline-filled adventure

Are you looking for an exciting and adrenaline-filled adventure?

Look no further than tree climbing, the thrilling activity that’s gaining popularity around the world. This activity is an exhilarating way to experience nature, as you make your way through a course of trees and obstacles. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or just looking for a unique outdoor experience, tree climbing has something for everyone. Participants can expect to be challenged physically and mentally as they make their way through the course, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. With safety measures in place, this activity is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

It’s a great way to get the whole family involved in a memorable adventure.

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