The Activities

A leisure park to share with many activities for all!

The largest leisure park in the Vendée welcomes you from April to September in the heart of the forest.

Tree climbing is an outdoor activity that consists of climbing in trees and moving from one platform to another via monkey bridges, zip lines or rope bridges. It is a physical and playful activity that can be practiced with family or friends.

Park accrobranche : how does it work ?

An adventure park is a place where people can have fun and let off steam through sports and adventure activities. Attractions include obstacles, platform games, zip lines, climbing courses, and more. Participants wear protective gloves and are supervised by an instructor who explains the safety rules beforehand.

How to do tree climbing when you are young/old?

Tree parks are suitable for all ages and participants can choose courses that are appropriate for their skill level and age. Children can start with simpler courses, while adults can opt for more challenging courses. In all cases, it is important to ensure that the participant is in good physical health and has received appropriate training before participating in the activities.

The accrobranche, an activity for adults and children

Yes, tree climbing is an activity suitable for all ages and skill levels. The parks offer courses for every age and skill level, so it’s easy to find a course that suits everyone. However, it is important that participants are physically fit and have received appropriate training before participating in the activities.


Ensuring a more enjoyable and safe experience

The lifeline that connects the ground to the highest point of the course is always in place to ensure the safety of participants during the entire activity. The lifelines that connect the different points of the course must be fixed at a distance between 1m50 and 2m. They are also checked regularly to ensure that they are in good working order.

The zip lines, acrobatic bridges, suspended stairs, etc., are all designed with carabiners certified to French standards.


A physical activity with big or small sensations

With several levels of difficulty, accrobranche is suitable for both experienced sportsmen and amateurs. Hobbyists can start with short, easier courses less than 5 meters high. As the difficulty increases, so does the height of the courses.

The speed and level of the acrobatic activities can also be adjusted according to the time, age, gender and physical level of the participants. Equipped with a specially designed harness with carabiner to fit all sizes and ages, participants feel free and safe while performing these outdoor activities.

Considering all these aspects, we can say that the accrobranche is a safe activity that provides thrills to visitors of all levels and allows families to spend a quality time in the open air and in contact with nature.