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Paintball is an interesting and safe way to have fun. But before embarking on the adventure, you must make sure you are well equipped and know the best practices to adopt. Find out in this article how to properly dress and protect yourself for paintball!

How to avoid pain in paintball?

To avoid pain during paintball, it is important to be well equipped. We will provide you with specially designed paintball gloves, a protective mask and sturdy shoes. And if you don’t want to get hurt, hide well, or just be the best!

What is paintball?

Paintball is an outdoor activity that has been in vogue since the 1980s and is played between two teams. The goal of the game is to score points for your team by aiming and hitting other players with paintballs. This activity is very entertaining but requires a certain amount of equipment for the players to enjoy the game 100% without getting hurt.

History of Paintball

Paintball was born 40 years ago, when farmers looking to show their land to potential buyers came up with the idea of using paintballs to mark boundaries and obstacles. The first industrial players appeared around 1981 and paintball has become a recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.

Rules and good practices

To be a good player, it is important to know and respect some basic rules: always wear a mask to protect your eyes, do not shoot within 15 meters of other players. Before each game, also make sure you have the proper equipment which are the mask, chest protector and paintballs or cans. By ensuring that all players follow these rules, the paintball field can remain comfortable and safe for all participants.

Material needed


In order to protect yourself from flying paintballs during a game, it is essential that you have a good paintball outfit. It is mandatory to wear a mask, face shield and gloves to provide excellent protection against paintballs. Also, don’t forget to use appropriate footwear to protect your feet during the game.


Where to play paintball?

There are now specialized paintball fields in almost every major city and region. If you are new to paintball, it is best to book your game through a paintball field or site to ensure that there are enough paintballs, equipment and supplies for your group. At O’Fun Park, we offer you a 1 hectare plot of land in the heart of the Bois Lambert forest.


Tips for beginners

If this is your first paintball game, proper training will cover all the important rules and teach you how to use the equipment safely and respect other players. Once you are well equipped and know the rules, go ahead and have fun!

Paintball is a very entertaining and interesting activity, but it is important to dress appropriately to stay safe. Make sure you have good face protection, comfortable clothes and enough paintballs before your game and relax for a fun afternoon with your friends