The Activities

A leisure park to share with many activities for all!

The largest leisure park in the Vendée welcomes you from April to September in the heart of the forest.

Duel Arena Rules

You must be in full possession of your physical and intellectual capacities to take part in the activity. You are aware of the risk of bodily harm to yourself and your children by using the modules provided in the Duel Arena.

Duel Arena is an exercise that involves individual risk. Don’t try anything you don’t know how to do! We reserve the right to deny you access to the activity if necessary and if you take any unnecessary risks that could harm yourself or others.

It is formally forbidden to enter the premises of the activity without the authorization of the operator.

The participant must have a Fun Pass Adult or Maxi Fun Pass Adult bracelet or a Duel Arena ticket.

The wearing of safety equipment (protective vest, helmet, kneepads, closed shoes) is mandatory during the whole activity.


The safety instructions indicated for each event must be respected. The park is not responsible for any incident or accident that may occur as a result of not respecting these safety rules.

You must wait for the green light from the host before starting a new test.

Organisation of the activity

Access to the Duel Arena gives you access to 2 hours of consecutive activity.

You must go to the facilitator to remove the safety equipment.

You must be equipped with a helmet, a protective vest, knee pads and closed shoes. For the sake of comfort and hygiene, you must wear shorts and a t-shirt under your protective gear.

A safety briefing by the operator is mandatory before starting.

You have to wait for the operator’s signal before you start.

Throughout the activity, you must be attentive to the operator’s signals.

You must return the equipment at the end of the 2 hours.

Any exit from the Duel Arena is final.