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Do you like adventure and are you looking for an activity that is out of the ordinary? Tree climbing is for you! But before you embark on this adventure, it is important to be well equipped. Find out in this article what is the best outfit for tree climbing!

Get ready for the tree climbing: Clothing, shoes and equipment for a safe session!

With the return of the good weather and the school vacations, tree climbing seems to be one of the most popular activities to have a good time with friends or family. However, in order to fully benefit from this activity while remaining safe, it is important to know how to prepare properly. In this article, we discover the golden rules to be well equipped and fully enjoy your tree climbing session!


Equipment needed for the tree climbing

Before setting out on your adventure, it’s important to dress in the right clothes and shoes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Indeed, a bad outfit can lead to injuries and reduce the pleasure of the moment. For this reason, the first thing to do before going to a tree park is to choose light and practical clothes adapted to the weather conditions and the courses. Whether you’re going out with your family or alone, comfort should be your main concern.



The best type of clothing to wear for tree climbing is one that is lightweight, but offers sufficient protection from the elements and height. For example, shorts or long pants and a breathable t-shirt with long sleeves can provide good protection while keeping your body comfortable. If the weather is cool, a light sweater and a waterproof jacket are recommended. It is also important to wear footwear that is appropriate for the conditions and that provides comfort and stability.


The shoes

In order to practice accrobranche safely, it is essential to choose stable shoes with a good grip on the courses. Low-top sneakers and hiking boots are the best options because they offer the most support and protect your ankles from impact. It is also advisable to wear long socks to avoid chafing or rubbing.

Which gloves should I choose for tree climbing?

Wearing gloves is mandatory. These gloves must be strong and abrasion resistant, while providing a good grip. It is also important to choose gloves that are comfortable and breathable to avoid excessive sweating.