The Activities

A leisure park to share with many activities for all!

The largest leisure park in the Vendée welcomes you from April to September in the heart of the forest.

Regulations Water Jump

You must be in full possession of your physical and intellectual abilities to take part in the activity.

You are aware of the risk of bodily injury to yourself and your children by using the modules available on the Water Jump.

Water Jumping is an exercise that involves individual risk. Don’t try to do anything you don’t know how to do! We reserve the right to deny you access to certain areas (confirmed or expert) if necessary and if you are taking undue risks that could harm yourself or others.

You must use equipment (bike, buoy, body board) in perfect working order and made available by the company.

The Water Jump is in no way a teaching place. The staff does not provide training but rather common sense advice. You remain responsible for the consequences of the misuse of the modules made available

There must be only one person at a time on the slides or starting ramp, while respecting the two-colour light that will give the start.

Swimming is not allowed outside of the “jumping” activity, these are only reception pools.

It is forbidden to leave the marked path.

How the Water Jump is organised
  • I join the starting platform, I wait for the light to turn green to launch myself.
  • When I land, I evacuate as quickly as possible straight ahead, respecting the runway number.
  • I am responsible for the equipment, I take it with me to leave the pool.
  • I return the material before leaving the activity, at the end of the 2 hours.
  • Any exit from the Water Jump area is final.
Organisation of the activity
  • The access to the Water Jump gives you 2 hours of consecutive activity, the operator gives you the material after seeing your ticket.
  • You must go to the locker room to change into your bathing suit.
  • A shower is mandatory, before putting on the suit.
  • A safety briefing by the operator is mandatory before starting.
  • After the briefing, an initiation is compulsory in the beginner’s area for all the participants under the supervision of a starting operator and a state graduate (BEESAN) at the reception in the pool.
  • The operator decides on the validation of the zone from beginner to confirmed and from confirmed to expert.

Ages accepted according to the zones:

  • From 5 years old : Beginner level.
  • From 8 years old : Confirmed level.
  • From 11 years old : Expert level. (10 years for the Bodyboard tracks)